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The Breath Movement

This movement is a declaration of our heartfelt appreciation for the frontline medical hero. Their commitment to their profession of serving and saving lives goes beyond the calling of a job. We want to salute them, and we also want to bring them a breath of fresh air. This virus we are defeating is infecting human respiratory system, and we hope the flowers we delivered can give a scent of encouragement into each and everyone serving or those infected.  
Be a part of this movement and send our hero a breath of fresh air.
Let our breathe be of praises to all our medical personnel in this time of challenge.
This is a instructional video on how we can show support by drawing the Love Flower Mask. Join us in this movement to show support and love to our medical and healthcare professionals.
Above is a signature piece of flower frame design by our chief florist as a gift to the hospitals. We hope every medical professionals who walk pass it can know we are supporting and encouraging them. Although the journey is tough, they are not alone. 
 Our "thank you" card is printed by Drummond Printing Pte Ltd! We are so thankful because they printed and cut out the card within hours for it to be ready. We tie every of this little tag to our flowers to show our message of love and encouragement.
The team worked through the whole day and night, getting 600 stalks ready to be sent out. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who came to help out, and some even came after they finished work. A community of people coming together for the same cause to show the support and encouragement for our medical professionals!
19th Feb, at around 11.50 am, we loaded 600 stalks of flowers to be sent to SGH to bless the medical and health personnel. An Overflowing aroma of love!
We have successfully delivered all 600 stalks to SGH around 12.30 pm. We prayed all the medical and health care workers at the frontline are protected. Wish our small token of appreciation will bring joy and hope to our medical hero.
If you like to contribute to this Breath movement, write to us or contact us online through our chat.
We are so happy to received these images from the SGH team. Even with a veil face, we can see their eyes is smiling. Glad we can bring our medical and healthcare workers some joy. 
On 25th Feb, We delivered 1000 stalks of Gerbera to NUH. 2nd delivery of our outreach program and we like to thank all volunteers and sponsors. Our sponsored for this outreach to NUH is from Optic Point, Shooting Gallery Asia, Lua Architects Associates and Drummond Printing. 
On 5th March, we delivered 830 stalks of Gerbera to the frontline health medical professionals. Thanks to our volunteers and sponsors, Jarsonn Chua, Madmen Studio, Flux Fotography, and Drummond Printing. Special thanks to Saint Clare School for Special Education in helping us with the ribbon for the tag.
On 13th March 2020, we delivered 2000 stalks of Gerbera to the frontline medicaL team of TTSH and NCID. Thanks to volunteers that came to help and deliver the flowers. Grateful to the sponsor who makes this delivery possible, Bryan and Marie Chew Share International Pte Ltd and Good Chance Popiah and restaurant. We also want to give our heartfelt thanks to Saint Clare School for Special Education Pte Ltd that involve their students to help us wrote some beautiful messages to encourage the frontline medical staff.
Thanks for the mention in Zaobao on Sunday, 15th March. We hope we can bring some encouragement to out frontline medical professionals. Please click here to read the articles:
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